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Training and Consultation

Training and

Provide training and consultation about digital marketing.

Training and Consultation.

We thrives in the development of Training and Consultation that supercharge your online presence.

Training and consultation services are tailored to your specific needs. Our personnel and their competence are your key assets in the current challenging business environment. That’s why our services aim at enabling you to reach the next level with your machinery at any stage of its lifetime.

How We're Different.

We believe that every great brand starts with a deep understanding of your customers and their needs, wants & desires. Our training and consultation are designed to guide customers through the buyer’s journey one step at a time.


Training and Consultation
for your online business.

Running an online business is not easy. We understand your pain points. We really do. That’s why our e-commerce website design service comes with an end-to-end solution.

With our Training and Consultation services we help our clients to define and implement for example the following topics:

  • The content, structure and exceptions of publications
  • Information sources and quality of information
  • The level of automation
  • Adobe In Design automation projects
  • Integrations

Choose our powerful
Training and Consultation

Through our experienced practitioners and Asian presence, we are ideally positioned to support your organisation via a wide range of professional consulting services that can deliver practical assessment, strategic insights and best practice recommendations targeted to meet the needs of your business, including:

  • Strategy development
  • Senior leader engagement
  • Assessment of proficiency/readiness in areas such as disability, LGBT+, gender, well being and more
  • Developing, reviewing, or localizing policies and processes with a D&I or employee well being lens
  • Creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Training and Consultant offers a range of training eCommerce
and business solutions to organisations. 

Our training consultancy services include:

  • Advice on your organisation’s training needs
  • Development of a flexible training plan relevant to your organisation’s or employees’ needs
  • Providing training needs analysis
  • Customizing and delivering training program specific to your organisation
  • Developing nationally accredited and client contextualized training and assessment
  • Developing learning management strategies and systems
  • Providing qualified Training Consultants and Safety Consultants on a temporary placement basis

HRDF Certification

Our Training

eTrade Programmed 2019 


MARAgo Programme, Johor 2019

MARAgo Programme, Tawau Sabah,2019

Tour with MARA, Johor 2019

Training and of a

Popular for the Comprehensive & Sustainable Features.

We utilize the following variety of formats in our training, depending on the duration, the content, and the venue facility.

Expert presentation

Facilitated discussions

Insightful videos

Interactive exercises 

Case studies / simulated scenarios

Role playing

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We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help digital and fin-tech companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch UI/UX.

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