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Unit C-16-3A,Blok Colonial,Empire City,Jalan Pju 8/1,47820,Damansara Perdana.
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Ph: +6018 2964882

Vision & Mission

Your Sales
In 90 Days.

With full power of digital marketing that grow your
marketing for more traffic. And better results.


  • Helping entrepreneurs create advertising for promotional purposes at affordable and no expense.
  • To bring new and old entrepreneurs to digital.
  • Become one of the companies that can supply and meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs (marketing and digital).
  • Create career opportunities for young people.
  • Train 4999 small companies to do business more effectively and efficiently.


Be the first Malaysia Company that is able to meet the needs of Internet-based technologies as well as being one of the Malaysia media companies in ASEAN.

NS Viral Networks that's trusted by companies of all sizes.

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